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Review of the
Criminal Courts of England and Wales

The Right Honourable Lord Justice Auld

September 2001



Scope of the Review

General approach

Conduct of the Review

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 — Summary and Recommendations

Chapter 3 — The criminal courts and their management

Chapter 4 — Magistrates

Chapter 5 — Juries

Chapter 6 — The judiciary

Chapter 7 — A unified Criminal Court

Chapter 8 — The criminal justice system

Chapter 9 — Decriminalisation and alternatives to conventional trial

Chapter 10 — Preparing for trial

Chapter 11 — The trial: procedures and evidence

Chapter 12 — Appeals


List of contributors - individuals

List of contributors - organisations

Information and research projects from other jurisdictions

Current research projects — England and Wales

The current workload of the criminal courts

Bibliography for research paper What can the English legal system learn from research published up to 2000?

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